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Hello, my name is Alissa Fay
I'm a professional content creator, influencer and model.


Followers : 284k
Video Views : 50M
Video Likes : 2.6M


Followers : 30k
Story Views : 1,000 *avg
Post Likes : 700 *avg


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My Services
The secret to blowing up your brand online in 2023!
Promote your brand with a professional photo and video model!
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Try on hauls, brand testimonials, or product reviews...  I can do it all!
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My Work Portfolio
A few of the awesome brands  that  I've collaborated with!


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Campaign Case Studies
I prefer to let my results do the talking!

⭐️ Happy Way ⭐️

"Alissa has delivered content that gets results.In addition to her posts resulting in genuine engagement. Overall, it's been an absolute pleasure working with Alissa & we are thrilled with the results!"

 - Ben Germein & Hien Nguyen, Founders.

⭐️ Echt Apparel ⭐️

"It's been an overall fantastic experience since teaming up with Alissa, she puts a lot of effort into making creative content for us and they always turn out amazing!"

 - James Peng, Influencer Marketing Manager.

⭐️  MiHIGH ⭐️

"Couldn’t think of a better content creator to work with than Alissa Fay! She has great communication skills, creates the perfect content for our brand in a timely manner and just an overall gem to work with!"

 - Lyn Nguyen, Partnerships Manager.

⭐️ Filtrd Agency ⭐️

"It's hard to find influencers and creators that understand how to create content that actually converts, but Alissa nails the brief for our agency's clients every single time!  We could not recommend her highly enough."

 - Will Giles & Sam Yeates, Founders.


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